Prada Costabella

Nestled between the wonder of the Val d'Adige and the beauty of Lake Garda, the Monte Baldo Mountain range peeps out in all its grandeur and majesty. In addition to the well-known Funivia di Malcesine / Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable Car, two other lifts will take mountain lovers up to 2,000 metres as.

With the Prada Costabella lifts, you can easily reach the first peak south of Monte Baldo. Since mid-August 2022, after nine years of inactivity, the Prada Costabella lifts have been completely renovated and put back into operation: the Prada two-seater basket lift (1,000 metres asl) - Ortigaretta (1,550 metres asl) and the Ortigaretta - Costabella two-seater chairlift (1,850 metres asl). A valid and interesting alternative for all hikers who will have the opportunity to enjoy surprising views and unforgettable adventures.

Thanks to its strategic location, Prada Costabella offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints for admiring the lake from above and immersing yourself in an intricate web of trails, each one also perfect for cycling enthusiasts.

Monte Baldo from another point of view

What makes Monte Baldo unique is its rich and varied vegetation, which earned it the nickname "Hortus Europae" or the Garden of Europe. This botanical paradise is home to a number of native flower species known as baldensis. From the summit of Alpe di Costabella, the first peak of Monte Baldo at 2053 metres asl, a breathtaking spectacle awaits you, encompassing the glittering Lake Garda, the majestic Alps, and the Po Valley in a single embrace that stretches as far as the Apennines on the horizon.

Once you have reached the summit, the journey continues. From the Prada Costabella Chairlift arrival station, numerous itineraries branch off to not only amaze you with their succession of enchanting views but also lead to Alpine huts (malga) and cosy refuges surrounded by nature. At the Ortigaretta Intermediate station, we find the renovated Mondini - Baito Turri refuge. Once at the top, two notable refuges that stand out are Fiori di Baldo and Chierego, where you can enjoy some pleasant refreshments with local specialities. Following your pause, venture deeper down these evocative pathways and into the surrounding wilderness, where you could glimpse curious chamois and marmot - especially in the silent, low season.

The Telegrafo “Gaetano Barana” refuge is approximately an hour and a half walk from the Fiori del Baldo refuge.

We look forward to seeing you at Prada Costabella. Take advantage of the chance to daydream, learn about the harmony between man and nature, the past and the future, the earth and the sky, and enjoy the adventure of discovering, breathing, and taking in this place's undeniable beauty. It will be a journey that captivates your spirit and leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Above the lake, before the sky”, as the famous advertising slogan goes.