foro seggiovia prealpesina

Prà Alpesina Chairlift

Peeping out from among the wonders of nature on the Trentino side of Monte Baldo is the Seggiovia Prà Alpesina quadriposto/four-seater Prà Alpesina Chairlift. It is located in Prà Alpesina, in the municipality of Avio, and is accessible from the provincial road, about 15 km from Avio.

Opening period

from 15th June to 15th September 2024

Opening times - morning

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Opening times - afternoon

2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The Prà Alpesina - Monte Baldo Chairlift travels from the departure station, located at 1450 metres asl, to the destination at 1890 metres asl, a 440-metre change in elevation, with an overall length of 1500 metres.

For those who wish to indulge in a bit moment of relaxation at high altitude, the recently renovated Chalet Falco awaits you. Its magnificent panoramic terrace makes it the perfect spot to have lunch and breakfast while taking in the pristine beauty of the surrounding nature.  Your children will love the playground that is right next to the building; it's a place where they can have fun while you unwind.

In 10 minutes, the Prà Alpesina Chairlift soars above the Generale Graziani road and reaches the Belvedere, a treasured vantage point perched on a ridge with a stunning view of the lake. Walking enthusiasts may view this location as the beginning of an incredible adventure. From here, you can reach the cable car's arrival station in Tratto Spino with a lovely and easy 30-minute walk on a dirt road that is suitable for everyone, or, as an alternative, enjoy a more strenuous 20-minute walk among the rocks along the ridge where, particularly in the summer, you will be mesmerised by the enchanting beauty of the vast stretches of rhododendron in bloom that tint the landscape red.

To return to the departure station, take an easy one-hour circular nature walk that winds through flower-filled meadows and the shade of the Monte Baldo forests

The Prà Alpesina Chairlift's summer operating season runs from mid-June to mid-September. Its winter operating season depends upon the quality of the snow on the slopes.


Return ticket Adult
€ 10,00
One way up / down Adult
€ 7,00
Return ticket Reduced
<14 o >65
€ 7,00
One way up / down Reduced
<14 o >65
€ 5,00
Forfait Dog € 6,00

Tickets can be purchased at Chalet Falco or at the top station of the chairlift. Online purchase is not possible.

Information for travellers

  • Dogs: may be carried in the car with a leash and muzzle, which is provided by Chalet Falco free of charge
  • Convenient car parking: next to the departure station.

In both summer and winter, the Seggiovia Prà Alpesina/Prà Alpesina Chairlift extends an invitation to explore the magnificence and charm of Monte Baldo's peaks. This is a place where the spirit and nature make a connection, time seems to stop, and you can experience exceptional and unique emotions.

How to reach the chairlift: