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Funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo: a rising emotion

If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind experience that combines nature, adventure, and discovery all at once, the Funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo awaits you.

Taking the cable car in Malcesine is a must-do activity for everyone visiting Lake Garda, whether in the summer or winter. You will be able to fully experience the natural beauty of the Garda region and be enthralled with the breathtaking view from Monte Baldo and of the spectacular Lake Garda.

Prepare yourself for a fantastic journey through the splendour of nature that embraces the earth and sky.

An adventure between the earth and sky

The Funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo/Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable Car is one of the most modern and advanced ski lifts in the world. It dates back to the 1960s but was completely renovated in 2002 to provide an even more unique experience.

The cable car has three stations.

The departure station is located downhill in Malcesine at Via Navene Vecchia 12 with parking available, and cabins accommodating up to 45 people can be accessed here.

The intermediate station is located at San Michele, at an altitude of about 562 metres. There, you will find revolving cabins the accommodate up to 80 passengers per trip.

After that, you arrive at the third station, the uphill one, which is located atop Monte Baldo in Tratto Spino. In just a few minutes, you will reach an elevation of 1760 metres.

The Funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo is unique in that, as previously mentioned, the cabin of the second trunk - the one that travels from San Michele to Monte Baldo, is a revolving cabin that rotates around itself. The rotating cabin will give you a 360° panoramic view so that you can enjoy every detail of this magical land from any angle.

You will be able to take in the gradually changing scenery along the cable car's route during the ascent. You can observe how the blue of the sky and the lake combine to create a unique sense of inner peace as you become immersed in a kaleidoscope of colours and natural light.

Funivia Malcesine: the cable car for everyone

The Funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo/Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable Car is the perfect excursion for everyone, from the more adventurous to those who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature in total relaxation.

Upon your arrival at Monte Baldo, you can embark on walks/hikes of varying difficulties, enjoy the unique views, or sample traditional local cuisine in the nearby cabins or restaurants. All of these options are conveniently located near the station.

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The paragliding launch site is located not far from the station. There are numerous schools in the area with instructors who specialise in tandem flying for anyone who would like to undertake this exciting adventure.

Biking enthusiasts can transport their bikes up to Monte Baldo on the cable car. There are bike rides during the summer when Baldo Provincial Road no. 3 opens. It is closed during the winter. Tickets are valid for a single ascent. We recommend booking online well ahead of time due to the high demand.

The Funivia Malcesine - Monte Baldo is barrier-free

The Funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo is barrier-free as it is accessible to everyone and offers the highest quality service.

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The free cable car ticket is only available to disabled people with a 100% disability and their carers. This group also gets to skip the line at the ticket office and boarding gates. In addition, when you show your handicapped parking card, you are entitled to free parking in the cable car's underground car park.

The ticket office at Malcesine station is located on the ground floor, and disabled people can access the station from the street level by using the lift from the underground car park on floor -1. Once the tickets are picked up, you can enter the boarding station by taking another lift in order to skip the long lines brought on by an overabundance of passengers.

Staff will be present and accessible at all station embarkations as well as in the cabins to help with loading and unloading from the cars and making the trip as comfortable as possible.

Are you ready to leave your daily routine behind, board the Funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo/Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable Car, and experience a breathtaking adventure?