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Goethe was enthralled with Malcesine, a historic fishing village, and praised it on his journey to Italy. Today, travellers from all over the world visit Malcesine.  

Situated on the eastern bank of Lake Garda, it is a hidden treasure that awaits exploration and became one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” in 2023. The name itself sounds like an invitation to travel back in time and see a breathtaking place where nature and history coexist in perfect harmony.

It is one of the most distinctive and significant towns with a view of the lake. Nature has created a true masterpiece here, combining rock and water, and what makes it unique is the rocky spur that rises out of the blue waters. This spur is dominated by the towering mediaeval Castello Scaligero, which stands sentinel and guards the historic centre below, which meanders through quaint little squares and cobblestone alleys.

Malcesine hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year, taking advantage of the magnificence and elegance of two prestigious locations: Castello Scaligero and Palazzo dei Capitani del Lago della Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia. Apart from serving as symbols of Malcesine's past, these two buildings host a plethora of cultural and recreational activities, such as musical performances, theatrical productions, and art exhibits that turn every corner into a thrilling stage.

In addition, if you are looking for an exclusive location to commemorate your marriage, you may live out your fairytale here and take in the magical atmosphere of this place, which will frame and distinguish your wedding.  The traditional food festivals are also worth visiting, with their rich folklore that allows you to relive old customs and explore new flavours in food and wine.

The landscape here is truly captivating and provides one of the most enticing views of the Garda Riviera throughout the year. And amidst the iridescent waters of Lake Garda, that shift from the white of the frothy waves to deep blue, from azure to silver, until they are tinged with the warm gold tones of summer sunsets, the village of Malcesine comes to life. The majestic and untamed Monte Baldo, imposing with its dense and lush vegetation, can be reached by cable car, which takes you to an altitude of 1800 metres in less than 20 minutes, adding to the village's unique atmosphere. From there, you can enjoy a captivating 360° panoramic view.

Malcesine's mild climate, due to the beneficial lake effect, makes every moment spent here special. In winter, the temperatures rarely drop below zero, allowing the growth of thriving and luxuriant Mediterranean flora, which is abundant in olive trees, citrus fruits, palms, holm oaks, oleanders, and bougainvillea. In the summer, pleasant breezes and mild temperatures make for pleasant days filled with activities and wellness.

For this reason, the village and its surroundings are regarded as the perfect location to fulfil the needs of every kind of visitor. It is the ideal getaway for anyone who likes to take leisurely walks around the lake, ride along the roads and pathways of the neighbouring countryside amid olive trees while taking in the spectacular scenery or hop on a bike and enjoy leisurely rides along one of the numerous cycle paths. And if you are looking for adventure or love sports, Malcesine offers endless water activities (windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, and sup) and air activities (paragliding).

Malcesine is also known for being one of 279 villages certified by the Italian Touring Club, which was awarded the Orange Flag. This designation recognises excellent cultural qualities and tourist/environmental qualities. It is based on a number of factors, including reception, lodging and additional services, tourist attractions, environmental quality, and facility structure and quality.

As you stroll through this area, you will discover history, beauty, and nature around every corner. Tiny, colourful shops, pubs, ateliers, restaurants, and taverns line the narrow streets. From there, you can even glimpse old houses leaning against one another, ancient stone walls, courtyards, and vegetable gardens. Let yourself be enthralled by these picturesque views.