Funivie del Baldo/Monte Baldo Cable Car

Climb aboard one of the cabins of the Funivia Monte Baldo in Malcesine, clear your mind, and let yourself be carried away on this thrilling ride that will take you from the lovely Malcesine town centre to the majestic peak of Monte Baldo. Exploring a unique location where nature takes centre stage is an amazing experience.

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The show begins as soon as you climb aboard the Baldo cable car, which will transport you from the Malcesine station to a height of 1760 metres in around twenty minutes. This brief ride to high altitude will provide you with a mouthwatering glimpse of what's in store for you when you arrive at the mountain station at Tratto Spino.

Plus, you will get a full 360° view as the cable car ascends because of the special rotating panoramic cabins of the second trunk. Your eyes will be drawn to the window and the ever-changing, diverse, and one-of-a-kind panoramas that continuously offer you fresh, breathtaking views.

Before your eyes will unfold a symphony of nature, like a palette of shifting hues and tones that mingle and blend together; here, the blue of the waters of Lake Garda intertwines with the blue of the sky as the ascent proudly showcases the green of the surrounding mountains.  Once you reach your destination, you will discover that you have actually arrived at the starting point for discovering Monte Baldo, offering thrilling adventures for all types of visitors.

It is a paradise for those who love adventure, offering excursions to suit every skill level and that provide breathtaking views, a wide range of plants and animals, and refreshments to delight the palate. For the more courageous who want to get their adrenalin pumping, Monte Baldo is a perfect starting point for paragliding. For mountain bikers, it is a veritable cycling paradise for freeriding and downhill riding.

The Funivia del Baldo knows no barriers. In fact, it was designed to make this experience accessible and unique, allowing everyone to enjoy the thrill and magic of an adventure between the earth and sky.

Opening period

from 30th March to 3rd November 2024


8:15 am

Last ascent

6:00 pm

Last return

6:45 pm

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Unforgettable experiences between the earth and sky

SkyWalk Lounge Bar

a refreshment and meeting point just a few steps from the cable car with an incomparable view.

Meeting Room

a large panoramic room for conferences and team building at high altitude.


where to park in the surrounding area.


special occasions to experience Monte Baldo.

Seggiovia Prà Alpesina

If you are still looking for thrilling experiences in the middle of nature, the Seggiovia Prà Alpesina/Prà Alpesina Chairlift will whisk you from the Trentino side of Monte Baldo to the ridge with a view of Lake Garda. A stroll along a panoramic path that reveals the native plants and animals awaits you.

The chairlift can also be reached from Tratto Spino, once up on the Malcesine cable car, with a walk of about 30 minutes on a dirt road or 20 minutes along the ridge.

Also, discover our lift in Prada Costabella

prada costabella Funivia Prada Costabella

If you want to climb even higher, above 1850 metres, you can take the Prada Costabella lifts. Once you have reached the top, you will find paths that will take you to the highest peaks of Baldo.

Owing to its strategic position, it is considered to be a unique observatory that offers fresh perspectives of Lake Garda.



9:00 am

Last ascent

4:45 pm

Last return

6:00 pm